Students against food waste

Food waste program

Want to eat good food and prevent food waste? We are starting a food waste group for students!

We prepare lots of dishes (also vegan) from the world cuisine. Every two weeks we have new menu.


How it works:

Our food is freshly prepared, cooled down according to the hygiene rules and packaged in sealed package. The meals can be kept for 4 days. Every now and then we would haves some mealboxes left. On the last day we want to offer these boxes with 40% discount (€6,00) only for students. This is how you can join in!

  1. Save the number 0616167016 under the name Food of Cultures on your Phone.
  2. Send us a whatsapp with your name and tell us that you are interested in this food waste program.
  3. Every week when we have packages left we send a message and if you want to get a meal then let us know!
  4. You can pick up your meal at Food of Cultures, churchillweg 36A.

Please note that this discount is only for students and therefore a studentcard may be asked.